be active - save your border

The European Border Watch offers all EU-citizens the opportunity to take part in the surveillance of the European Border. Our primary goal is the permanent surveillance of this border. However, this will not be possible without civilian participation.

"There can be no homeland security without border security." (Rick Perry, Texas Gouvernor)

The U.S. Border Watch is currently developing the Virtual Border Watch Program, which will allow all internet-users to view pictures of the surveillance-cameras at the U.S.-border. A one-month test phase in November 2006 at the Mexican-American border was a great success and demonstrated the high interest of the American citizens. During the test phase "more than 200,000 viewers subscribed to the site and more than 25 million hits and 13,000 emails were recorded".

Be a web patrol - save your country

Due to the long border in the east and the problematic sea borders, Europe needs techniques of surveillance based on satellite data. The Galileo system is currently being modified with the aim to make it interface with Google Earth for the assurance of permanent border surveillance via Internet cameras (with our new software WEP 2.0).

Once this is accomplished, you will have the opportunity to contribute to this important job right from your home. All you need is a computer with access to the internet (DSL / 2 MBit min.). After your registration, you will be able to choose your favourite part of the border for your surveillance.
Transgressions will be reported to EUBW, who will inform the group in charge of the relevant zone of the EU partner organisation FRONTEX.

Register now on our Website or visit us at one of our Centres of Registration in Europe!

be a web patrol — save your border {European Border Watch}