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European Union
I Atlantic (Africa/Mauritania || Canary Islands)
II North Africa (Africa/Morocco || Melilla/Spain)
III Mediterranean Sea (Africa/Libya || Lampedusa/Italy)
IV SouthEastern Border (Syria/Iraq/Turkey || Greece)
V Eastern Border A (Ukraine/Belarus || Poland)
VI Eastern Border B (Ukraine || Hungary/Slovakia/Rumania)

Global surveillance (We connect you with partner organisations)
A USA || Mexico (American Border Watch)
B North- || South Korea (Intelligent Patroling-Robots)
C Palestine || Israel (Wall Watch)
D Australia || Indonesia (Boat People)

I want to rescue illegal migrants in the Mediterranean Sea by myself (Sea Watch)

After the registration you will receive a Code of Registration. With that code you will be able to log in on our website after the European Border Watch Program will have been started.

Your privacy is important to us. EUBW does not rent or sell your personal information to third parties without your consent.

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